Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Один новый русский другому

Один новый русский другомуОдин новый русский другому: - Слышь, Вован, я тут футбольную команду прикупил. Назвал "Штука баксов". - Сдурел, Димон? Кто ж так футбольные команды называет? - Как кто? А "Реал"??? Реклама антивируса NOD32: Panda ...Один новый русский другому

Report: Tim Tebow an AFC alternate

Report: Tim Tebow an AFC alternateReport: Tim Tebow an AFC alternateNEW YORK -- Tom Brady is one of eight Patriots and Patrick Willis one of eight 49ers to make the Pro Bowl, the most on each roster. ...Report: Tim Tebow an AFC alternate

Year Almost Over

Year Almost OverWell...this year is almost over. So glad. Can't wait until 2012. Lots of new things in store for me. Found out something very interesting today. You know how you are in a battle of some sorts with someone and they have an advantage over you. ...Year Almost Over

My Baby Boy

My Baby BoyMy Baby Boy: das spiel wurde nur ein paar mal gespielt es macht wirklich viel spass da es wie in wirklichkeit is es Dinge bei zu bringen die es lernen soll essen reichen, wickeln, umziehen usw. Preis: 10 EUR.My Baby Boy


A TGCOM24A TGCOM24Il leader di Sel a Tgcom24: "Penso a un programma che dia fiducia ai giovani. Nel mio governo immagino Gino Strada, don Ciotti, Carlin Petrini e Lorena ...A TGCOM24

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